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After graduating with a BSc degree in Computing Science from the University of Manchester in 2007. I’ve spent over 12 years gaining commercial experience, developing in house software solutions and products for customers. In 2010 I used my spare time to do some freelance work for a few friends. Using this as a springboard to start working with more and more clients.

I am primarily a software engineer with experience in desktop development, API construction and integrating off the shelf applications into various product offerings. I have experience an array of programming languages, along with experience in a variety cloud technologies.

I have developed a number of websites using different technologies and frameworks. Along with gaining experience in mobile app development for both Android and iPhone. I have undertaken consultancy work for a number of clients to help them better understand their digital needs.

If you’re a business in need of any digital products. From in house software to mobile apps. Or an agency that requires an engineer to work on any projects. Please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements further.

Our Products

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Elementary Analytics

See Data, Your Way - Website and social media analytics

Elementary Analytics has been designed to help you make sense of your website and social media analytics. If you have trouble pulling relevant information from Google Analytics, Facebook and Instagram Insights and Twitter. Subscribe to Elementary Analytics and you can create a dashboard linking website traffic and social media interactions together. Need to produce Marketing or Business reports? No problem, Elementary Analytics can help with that too.


#1 Email Enhancement add-in for

Send Mass Emails Using Outlook. Outflash is a simple, yet effective add-in for Outlook. By using Outflash you can QUICKLY email multiple contacts in one go. You can even customise each message Outflash sends. Giving your emails that personal touch. Outflash allows you to send the same number of emails up to 4 TIMES FASTER.

Sensible Backup

Backup your Windows device

Download Sensible Backup now from the Windows App Store. With Sensible Backup it is as easy as 1-2-3 to backup your Windows 10 device. Our app allows you to quickly and easily specify which files and folders you want to take a copy of. You can also select the location of where to save your files to and when you would like the backups to run. Sensible Backup takes the worry out of keeping your Windows 10 device backed up.


The Ultimate Mobile Fishing Mate

BAITCAMP is your personal fishing log, planner and picture taking tool all in one app. We are planning on offering a wide variety of tools that will help you catch more fish. Our app aims to help your plan your fishing trips before heading out. As well as offering a range of features helping you to keep a comprehensive record of your fishing successes.

Our Work

Find out about the types of projects we have worked on.

Lisa Williamson Photography

Web Development & IT Consultancy

We worked with Lisa Williamson Photography to help source a service provider and website theme to help her develop an online portfolio for all her great photography work.

As a freelancer, Lisa had a limited budget. We worked closely with Lisa to find a service provider that met her needs in terms of hosting and domain management.

PHH Digital continue to advise Lisa Williamson Photography on maintaining and running her website. Discussing how to set up and monitor website traffic and social media interactions.

Automated Accumulator

Web & API Development, Database Design

Automated Accumulator originally came to PHH Digital to work on a proof of concept to see if the Software as a Service (SaaS) idea would work. Having spent a few months working with their team we managed to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The client then began to promote their business idea and find users to test the system.

PHH Digital development a complete custom web application that was used a the main dashboard for their customers. We also developed their backend processing and notification systems. As well as helping them find hosting providers for their apps and marketing site. Once sourced our team also helped them setup and develop their marketing site and third party integrations to service such as MailChimp

Caudwell Parallax Website

Web Development

We worked with C4 Consulting and a Web designer to design and build a one page parallax website to promote a new construction project for Caudwell International Children’s Centre

PHH Digital developed the mobile responsive one page site from the design specification and also help them maintain and update their existing website.

The Entertainment Factory

IT Consultancy

We worked with the people at The Entertainment Factory. Firstly as a feasibility project. Then to help them determine the requirements and what was needed before undertaking the build.

We have worked along side the people at The Entertainment Factory since early 2015 helping them progress the development and realise the end product.

Football Survivor

Web & API Development, Database Design

Football Survivor required a complete custom built website for a new Software as a Service product (SaaS). The website had to include public facing pages that could be maintained to promote the product.

A members area where people can register and login to use the service. An administration area to allow the business to manage the service anytime, anywhere.

Numerous backend applications have also been developed to automate common business processes and customer communications via email

Away Day Bible

Web, API & Mobile Development. Database Design. IT Consultancy

Away Day Bible required entire digital solution for a mobile product offering that was brand new to the market. This included designing the backend database for the product and the new business.

Creating a website to promote the app. An online administration area to manage the application data and run the business. An API was also developed which is used by Android and iPhone versions of the app.

PHH Digital developed both versions of the mobile application and is involved with ongoing app updates and analysis of SEO. Helping the client promote both the business and the mobile applications.

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